Crashing MicroSD card issues on your Android device? Here are some tips you can use to repair MicroSD card crashing on your Android device.

There are plenty of reasons smartphone users prefer an Android device over an iPhone. One of the reasons, being able to expand the memory of an Android device using a MicroSD card. Today’s technology has helped storage devices to be as small as a pinky nail! A user can add up to one Terabyte of storage in their Android smartphone if provided with a MicroSD card slot. But, at times there may be some hick-ups, and your MicroSD card may not work or simply crash on you. It could happen due to many reasons, and there are some solutions you can try out to repair or recover your data from a MicroSD card

This guide will not only help repair MicroSD card crashing, but it will also help with other storage devices crashing such as; MicroSD card (for Android Devices) SD cards (generally for DSLR Cameras).

Here are some ways you can try repair MicroSD Card Crashing Issues

Step 1 – Actually cleaning the MicroSD Card

Cleaning your SD card
Cleaning the MicroSD Card with an alcohol cleaning solution can help repair MicroSD card crashing on Android device. Any dust or grime on the gold contact pads can hinder the communication between the device and the MicroSD card.

Despite the small size and built to last form factor of a MicroSD card, sometimes dirt and dust may collect on the contact pins of the MicroSD card and hinder in communication with the device.

The first thing you can try to repair a crashed SD card is actually scrub and clean your MicroSD card. 

  • Remove the MicroSD card and place it on a clean surface. Before removing your MicroSD card, ensure to power off your Android device for safety.
  • Using an eraser, gently rub on the gold contact pins until clean.
  • Using an alcohol cleaning solution or even a nail polish remover, use a q tip and gently dab the cleaning solution on the contact pins and let it dry.

Once the MicroSD card has dried out, insert the card in your Android device and check if cleaning the card has resolved your problems.

Step 2 – Format the MicroSD Card

Formatting to repair SD card crashing.
Formatting a MicroSD card can solve the crashing issue. Any corrupted files on the MicroSD card will be deleted.

If your Android device is detecting the MicroSD card, but you are not able to view your files and data, the chances are high that your data is corrupted. The only solution is to format your MicroSD card. 

  • Go to settings and scroll down to Storage. In the Storage tab, you will see the Erase SD Card option, go ahead and tap on it. 
  • Confirm your selection to format your MicroSD card, and this should solve the problem, and you can use your SD card again as new.

Step 3 – Check the MicroSD card for compatibility 

If you are trying to repair a crashed SD card on an older Android device, you might need to look at the compatibility more carefully. If your SD card fails to be recognized on an Android mobile device but works with your computer, the problem could be related to compatibility. 

  • If the MicroSD card is an SDXC version (for higher read and write speeds), it will not work on an older device.
  • Looking up the maximum capacity of expandable storage that the device is supported since they can vary from starting from 16GB to up to 1TB will also help you with ruling out why your SD card is not working

Step 4 – Diagnose the MicroSD card using a Computer

If a format did not help resolve the MicroSD card problem, you might need a more technical analysis of the SD card. To do so, you can plug in the MicroSD card into a computer and use the diagnostic tools to find out the errors and solve them. 

  • Connect the Android mobile device to a computer using a USB cable.
  • Make sure that you connect Android in the MSC (Mass storage mode) and not MTP (Media transfer mode). You can do this using the notification menu once you connect the phone to your computer. 
  • Launch the Windows Explorer and right-click on the SD card driver you see on the screen. In the options menu, choose Properties – Tools – Error Checking and wait for the entire process to complete.
  • The computer will try to update the software for your SD card and fix any errors that are causing it to crash.
Scanning to repair SD card crashing.
Scan your MicroSD card.

Once the process has been completed, you can go ahead and pop the SD card back into your Android device and see if the issue has been resolved.

We hope this guide helped you to resolve SD card crashing.

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