One of the most incredible things about WordPress is the extensive features that the WordPress plugins can bring to a website. One of the most primary resources of generating revenues is an online advertisement, and AdSense has been a crucial element in the WordPress CMS as well. Google AdSense is distinctively the most popular way of generating revenue through website traffic, and the best free Google AdSense WordPress plugins help you bring the best of it to your website. 

Whether you are a newbie blogger looking to make some extra money with the help of your website’s high traffic, or a marketing guru trying to make the best of Google AdSense, these free Google AdSense WordPress plugins can help you optimize your ad banners to gain maximum visibility and click through rates. 

Google AdSense

Previously known as the Google Publisher Plugin, this the official free WordPress AdSense plugin from Google. Rather than manually inserting the snippets, this nifty plugin enables you to place the AdSense ads with a point-and-click interface. With a set of features such as Automated Mobile Ads, simplified ad management and Webmaster Tools integration, the Google AdSense plugin lets you choose which pages the ads should be displayed on. 


Google AdSense by BestWebSoft

Popular for their contribution with a large number of useful free WordPress plugin, the Google AdSense plugin by BestWebSoft is a highly useful tool. The plugin enables you to customize the look of your ad banners by customizing the colours, size, layout and number of ad blocks per page, offers automatic ad integration and helps you add Google ads to the sidebar and widgets as well. 


Easy Plugin for AdSense

Entirely compatible with the latest version of WordPress, the Easy Plugin for AdSense makes revenue generation efficient and straightforward. The plugin helps you enforce the Google AdSense policy of no more than three ad blocks per page, comes with a rich set of customization options, offers sidebar widgets, comes with multi-language support and a lot more.  


Ad Injection 

Unlike most WordPress Ads plugins that concentrate solely on Google AdSense integration, the Ad Injection plugin offers support for various services such as Amazon Associates, TradeDoubler, ClickBank and several others. Ad Injection helps you add the advertisement banners at the top of the posts, in between the content or integrate it inside the content as well. The plugin also enables you to control the ad visibility depending on the visitor’s referrer, IP address and age of the post. 



Essentially a simplified notification toolbar for WordPress websites, the WP AdPunch LITE plugin doubles up as an advertisement space, call to action section and affiliate message space. The plugin helps you create unlimited ad campaigns, choose a custom text and background colour for the ads, and enables you to add your social profile to the toolbar as well.  


AdRotate– Google AdSense Plugins

Among the most popular ad insertion plugins available for WordPress, Ad Rotate enables you to display Google AdSense ads, ads from other networks and your personalized ads as well. The ads are displayed with the Geolocation of the visitors, so you can localize them according to the target audience, and comes with a bunch of useful features such as disabling and after a certain number of clicks to avoid fraud. 


Quick AdSense 

With more than 100,000 active installs and a solid overall rating, Quick AdSense is among the best free WordPress Google AdSense plugins out there. The plugin offers features such as flexible ad placement, a simplified settings interface, ability to display up to 10 ads on a single page and ads randomization to help them stand out when viewed by your audience. 


Simple Ads Manager

The Simple Ads Manager may seem like an essential free WordPress AdSense plugin at first, but it comes with a rich set of features for you to work with. With direct support for Google DFP, the plugin comes with ad rotation, ability to place ads in the form of widgets, shortcodes, specialized ad blocks, and a wide range of customization features as well.  


WP Simple Ad Insertion 

Another useful free AdSense plugin for WordPress, WP Simple Ad Insertion helps you add the Google AdSense code to your posts, pages and sidebars with ease. This plugin comes with a user-friendly interface to help you insert your ads in the form of shortcodes, and the editor enables you to display the ads on any part of the page with ease. 


Now! Plugin for AdSense

Built with the latest AdSense guidelines, the Now Plugin for AdSense is an excellent plugin for modern websites. The plugin has been built on Bootstrap for optimized performance and comes with a simplified user interface. At the same time, the elaborate control panel helps you control each aspect of the ads, including their positioning on the pages as well. 



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