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AJAX– On the verge of turning into a Legacy Language?

AJAX – On the verge of turning into a Legacy Language?

Several programming languages are available to develop content on various platforms, and most people usually confuse AJAX as a programming language. In reality, AJAX is

Everything about Metaverse, a simple summary!
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Everything about Metaverse, a simple summary!

Everyone might have heard about Metaverse that Facebook is talking about, and most of aware of the name change of Facebook to Meta. You might

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How can you Hack and Install PUBG Lite on Mobile?

  Ever thought about playing Pubg with the Lite mode? Let’s have a look at how you can Hack and Install Pubg Lite on your Mobile

Google Pay Transfer Limit
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Google Pay Transfer Limit- Everything You must know

  What is Google Pay? So you have come so far to know about the Google Pay transfer limit, Google Pay is a digital and

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Trim and cut videos on Android- Quick Guide

With all your DSLR cameras and video editing tools, it all comes down to the camera that you have at hand. While your smartphone’s camera may be perfect for selfies and viral videos, you often find yourself wanting to trim and cut videos on Android.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3 lightest Ultrabook?

Lenovo has been a recurring name in the tech industry, and its ThinkPad lineup is a favourite among on-the-go businessmen. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3 is the third generation premium Ultrabook which has been regarded by its maker as the lightest 14-inch Ultrabook on the planet. The X1 Carbon 3 comes with a “business first” working strategy, as it is one of the lightest laptops to carry around and packs a solid punch with its specs.

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13 Best WordPress Twitter Feed Plugins and Widgets

The best free and premium WordPress Twitter feed plugins and widgets have been created to empower you with the best social media marketing, with no

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Android app development- the Best Apps

Are you getting to tap into the infinite potential that the planet of Android app development has got to offer? Here’s a guide to why Android app development is that the best thanks to starting and a few of the simplest Android apps for developers that each enthusiast needs.

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Why screen overlay detected issue?

Have you wondered why the screen overlay detected issue keeps popping up on your Samsung and other Android devices? The problem is quite common and unmistakably annoying, so here’s how to clear screen overlay detected an error on any Android device.

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Windows 10 doesn’t recognize Android phone?

You are trying to attach your phone to your computer but disappointed to seek out out that Windows 10 doesn’t recognize Android phone? Here’s the complete guide to helping you establish a connection between your PC and Android with a list of viable solutions.