Want to know the best money making apps on the Google Play Store? Here are some of the money-making apps on the Play Store worthwhile checking out.

With an idea to make your smartphones do more than just calling and texting has blossomed into so much more than that. Android OS has become the driving force for some of the coolest things we can do today right from our pocket devices and handheld devices. 

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Google Play Store has been a big part of this app revolution, from apps that help you hail cab anywhere, anytime, to find a date for the Sunday. But who could have ever imagined that your Android phone can help you stack up some cash on the side? These money-making apps that we have come across will not make you the next Jeff Bezos, but free change money is always a welcome, right?

Receipt Hog – Receipts to Cash 

Apps Money Play Store

For those of us, who keep track of expenses with receipts along with bills from every single transaction. Receipt Hog app is the reward you deserve for spending your money. All you need to do is take a photo of your purchase receipts, transfer them to the Receipt Hog app and gain rewards as coins and rewards. You can cash out these coins for real cash through PayPal and Amazon gift cards and vouchers, and even take part in their surveys and sweepstakes to win big. 

Slidejoy – Lock Screen Cash 

Your smartphone is the most personal tech which you use daily, so it makes sense for marketers to cater to ads directly to smartphones. This is what makes Slidejoy a popular service, because it brings in deals, shopping offers and advertisements to the lock screen of your Android phone. You get Slidejoy Carats for doing nothing and cash in their virtual currency for real cash with not just gift cards, but PayPal payouts as well. 

Google Opinion Rewards

Apps Money Play Store

If you have always been sceptical about survey apps that promise you money but never payout, the official money-making app from Google should be reassuring to those who want Play Credits to purchase apps from the Play Store. Google Opinion Rewards is what it sounds like, giving you Google Play credits for short and simple surveys. With a credit payout of up to $1 for a simple survey, you have got nothing to lose and some Google Play credits to gain to purchase apps and in-game items.


Apps Money Play Store

For all of those hours, you’ve enjoyed binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, what if you could make money off it? This may sound outlandish, but Viggle is an app that rewards you for being a couch potato by earning Perk Points for viewing services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. All you need to do is check into the Viggle app every time you sit down for an entertainment session, fill in details of how you like the episode and how long you watched it for, and you’re all set to earn gift cards from top brands, including cash payout. 


Marketing can be a gaming-changing factor for small and growing businesses, and PiniOn hopes to bring localized marketing options while benefiting the surveyors. Started in Brazil, this money-making app provides you with quick and easy missions that you need to complete at your local movie theatre, supermarket, or the mall, all of which can help you earn up to $30 per task, depending on your user experience level. 

Ibotta: Cash Savings, Rewards & Coupons App

Grocery shopping for most of the people is natural as brushing their teeth every morning as sane persons do, so why not get rewarded for grocery shopping? Ibotta comes with a market plan that has made a deal with major retailer stores to not only bring you the best deals and offers on groceries but helps find cashback rebates, redeem points when you shop or dine, and choose your form of rebates and in cash via PayPal, Venmo and gift cards. 

DietBet – Weight Loss Games

Apps Money Play Store

You can find apps to help you shed some weight for a dime a dozen on the Google Play Store, but how many of them help you earn some cash while doing so? DietBet, essentially how the app works are that you pool in your money with a bunch of other players or contenders to lose weight and bet on yourself to lose either 4% of your current weight on the Kickstarter program or go for the Transformer program to lose 10% of your current body weight under six months. All of this is backed and tracked by photo verifications, algorithmic auditings and referees to check your weight shed, and you win your share by meeting your weight loss goal. 

Cash for Apps – Free Gift Cards

Cash for Apps

The app does what the name suggests, Cash for Apps. It rewards you with points and rewards for downloading apps that the app suggests. You are not going to get yourself an iPhone X with Cash for Apps any time soon, but 300 earned points equal to $1 of real money makes it a great way to earn some pocket change without any commitments. Cash for Apps has tie-ups with the likes of Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and many others. 

Foap – sell your photos

We’ve all got a shutterbug inside of us who simply loves taking pictures, and Foap helps you cash out on your passion for photography. Partnering with brands like Volvo Group, Air Asia, Pepsi and others, this app allows you to upload your own photographic marvels and put them up for sale to thousands of prospective buyers on the Foap Market. You make 50% commission on the sales you make, with a reward attached to it. 

Make Money – Work At Home

Make Money

Unlike cheap gimmicks you will find on the internet that promise you a way to make quick bucks, this app is actually very educational. Make Money comes with over 70 different and sometimes out of the box ways to help you with ideas, give you tips on learning new skills and the resources to earn a living from the comfort of your home. From tutorials on affiliate marketing plan paired with blogging, to starting a successful podcast, learning about email marketing, there is a lot to learn with this app on the Play Store. 

Which are your favourite ways of making some quick and easy money on the side with Android apps on the Google Play Store? Be sure to share your favourite money-making apps in the comments section down below. 

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