Choose the best WordPress hosting for your website so that your website runs stable and loads your WordPress website faster from the user’s end.

With your domain name purchased and the website design set for launch, you’re going to need a reliable WordPress web hosting service to get you started. Whether you’re a newbie to the backdoor of the internet where all the development happens or know your way around, you’ll come across hundreds of web hosting services that are sure to make you ponder.

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The truth about the best WordPress hosting services is that not one size fits all, especially if you’re just getting started. Finding the answer to “which web hosting service is best for me” is a twisted one, but we are here to help you with every step of the way. Before we even get started with the best web hosting services for WordPress, let’s learn a bit about the different types of WordPress hosting providers available. 

Which is the best WordPress hosting for you?

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Since you’ve chosen to find a standalone web hosting service rather than sticking with the one your domain provider offers, you’re probably in search for the best. Rather than looking at the rankings for the best service provider, you need one that works best for your website in terms of reliability, security, and speed. 

Free WordPress hosting services

As a beginner, you may be surprised to find that a service for which most websites pay hundreds of dollars is offered for free as well. However, these free WordPress web hosting providers aren’t going around doing favours, but trying to cover up their costs by slamming your website with advertisements in exchange for the service. 

Even if you are somehow okay with your website being a virtual ad banner in lieu of free web hosting, the service is unsecure, and the speed is subpar in most cases. Moreover, the free service is unreliable since there is no guarantee when the web hosting provider will stop offering their services. 

Shared WordPress hosting services

Fairly popular among WordPress beginners looking to launch their websites and seriously work on it. As the name suggests, the web hosting service offers you a way to stay connected to a reliable hosting service and divide the large server among multiple users. Since the server load is split between multiple websites, shared hosting services are far more affordable. 

However, the catch with shared WordPress hosting providers comes in the form of their “unlimited hosting” claim. While you are permitted to enjoy unlimited resources under most shared hosting plans, the service providers will push you to upgrade your plan if your website is taking up a substantial server load. If you choose not to upgrade, later on, the server will be compromised to an extent, and the performance will be affected. 



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Out of all the web hosting services that have been around since the late 90s, Bluehost has become a giant of the industry. Officially endorsed by WordPress as the recommended web hosting service provider and supporting millions of users, you can rest assured that Bluehost will exceed your expectations even when high traffic hits your website. 


 A part of the WordPress web hosting scene for 18 years now, DreamHost is another fan favourite that keeps web hosting simple. Powering more than 600,000 WordPress websites at blazingly high speeds and offering features like 1-click WordPress install and automatic updates, the best content management system and DreamHost go hand in hand. 


Almost synonymous with web hosting, HostGator supports more than 8 million websites worldwide, making it a big player in the industry. Backed with one-click WordPress installation support, round the clock customer support with high-speed, dedicated servers with almost zero downtime, HostGator is the ideal web hosting service to get your website on the map.

WordPress managed to host services.

Since WordPress is the largest CMS in the world, many web hosting providers have shaped their services to accommodate WordPress websites. Such service is known as managed WordPress hosting and is compatible only with websites hosted on WordPress. However, the biggest advantage it boasts is the management part, which is a godsend for WordPress beginners who need a hand keeping up the pace. 

While being one of the most expensive kinds of WordPress hosting services, you can set it up and forget about ever having to optimize your website again. From tuning the performance settings, setting up a secure perimeter, managing automatic updates and keeping regular backups, the benefits of managed WordPress hosting do justify the costs. 


WP Engine

Rightfully dubbed as a “premium” WordPress hosting service, WP Engine is built on robust customer support and dedicated servers right from the start. Adhering to the highest security standards to keep the pesky hackers away and trusted by the top brands in the business, WP Engine comes with automatic security updates, one-click restore, daily backup, one-click staging and a whole lot more. 


Highly acclaimed across the WordPress community for more than a decade, SiteGround is highly rated for providing fast and secure WordPress hosting solutions. Integrated into the WordPress ecosystem with features like built-in WP caching, CDN and one-click staging, SiteGround has servers across USA, Asia, and Europe to ensure dedicated speeds and 24.7 customer support.


A titan of the web hosting industry and the service behind some of the largest companies in the world, Pagely has been and always will be a WordPress-oriented service. Taking its structural architecture from the optimized Amazon Cloud and known for its best-in-class performance, brands like Facebook, Microsoft, and Disney choose Pagely for all the right reasons. 

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