When it comes to the Apple iPad, a stylus is mightier than the finger, so why wouldn’t you get your hands on one of the top 3 iPad stylus with mesh tip? More than just an oversized iPhone, iPad has become the symbol of modern productivity and design. While the iPad Pro is taking the brand in an artsy direction, notetaking and drawing some of the many reasons why your iPad needs a stylus. 

Why do you need an iPad stylus with mesh tip?

Ever since the origin of the stylus pen, synthetic polymer and treated rubber nibs have been the go-to choice for manufacturers. If you’ve ever used an iPad stylus with rubber tip, you know exactly how annoying the friction between the latex and the glass surface can be. This is precisely where the metallic and fabric mesh tip stylus comes in to save the day, offering the natural friction you experience with pen and paper. 

Admittedly, there is precision drawing stylus like the Apple Pencil that outclasses even the top iPad stylus with mesh tip. However, mesh tip styluses not only offer a surreal drawing and writing experience but cost a fraction of what the premium styluses do.  

The Best mesh tip iPad styluses out there

1.Lynktec TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus

TruGlide Pro has been sitting on the throne of the most popular stylus with mesh tip, and it’s all thanks to its performance. With a length of 4.75 inches, the TruGlide Pro is shorter than your average pen but looks the part with its anodized aluminum body. 

Lynktec does not offer a cap to protect the mesh tip of the stylus, but since it does not come with detachable parts, that’s hardly a problem. The plain and simple design is complimented with two classic color schemes – black with a slate silver tip and a matte black tip with a slate silver body. The tight metallic clip is directed to make TruGlide Pro a friend of your pocket, along with the carrying tube and carrying case accessories. 

Measuring 5mm in diameter, the conductive microfiber mesh tip is highly durable and can be easily replaced by simply unscrewing. TrueGlide Pro offers even more with its Artist Paintbrush Stylus Tip, so you don’t have to buy a stylus, especially for painting. 


  • Simple design and metallic body with minimal friction when writing. 
  • Strengthened mesh tip makes it last longer than any rubber-tipped stylus. 
  • The detachable tip makes it easily replaceable and upgradable for painting. 


  • The mesh tip would be safer and more durable with a protective cap.

Buy the Lynktec TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus

2.New Trent Arcadia Stylus 

Being unique always pays off, especially if you’re a contender for being one of the best iPad stylus with mesh tip. The New Trent Arcadia Stylus looks like your typical click pen, but instead of the ink nib, the pen comes with a retractable microfiber mesh nib. 

Micro woven stainless steel tip feels good on the iPad’s display and surprisingly leaves behind no scratches even under regular use. Measuring 4.3 inches when the tip is retracted, the Arcadia Stylus is available in a pack of two (one black and one white). 

While the micro-knit mesh tip is ideal for writing and drawing, Lynktec TruGlide somehow feels more natural with its strokes and friction. Although Arcadia excels in durability with the retractable mesh tip, the overall build of the stylus is formed of hardened plastic. 


  • The smart retractable tip makes the stylus highly durable.
  • Smooth gliding experience with micro-knit stainless steel mesh.
  • Two stylus is available at the price of one. 


  • Build quality somewhat inferior compared to others. 

Buy the New Trent Arcadia Stylus

3. Adonit Mark

Since Adonit is the most popular Stylus brand, and Mark is its only iPad stylus with mesh tip, the product is bound to make a list. Being the most affordable offering from Adonit, you cannot expect a “Jot Pro” quality experience, and yet the stylus is surprisingly good. Built out of anodized aluminum and triangular design, the stylus fits snuggly into the fingers. 

Unlike the two other contenders on the list, Adonit Mark comes with a micro-fiber mesh tip which is fabric based, instead of stainless steel. The mesh tip offers a smudge-free writing and drawing experience, which the regular rubber tip stylus does not even come close to. 

Despite being superior to New Trent Arcadia and equally good in comparison to Lynktec TruGlide, Adonit comes with its caveats. The biggest one being the absence of a clip to help you carry around the stylus or attach it to your iPad’s cover. Moreover, since the fabric can never possibly be durable as micro-fiber steel, the durability of the stylus is questionable. 


  • Phenomenal writing and drawing experience despite being a starter model. 
  • The angular design and supreme build quality.
  • Fabric-based mesh tip makes no squishy noises like the metal ones. 


  • No clip attachment or replaceable tip option.

Buy the Adonit Mark

Have you tested out any of the above iPad styli with mesh tip? Which one do you personally prefer using for your daily activities? Let me know in the comments down below. 


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