The need for speed in today’s online world is apparent in every way, and your website needs nothing short of it. Whether it is for the elevated user experience or the quest to rank up on the SERP, the best free and premium WordPress cache plugins have been created to give your website the extra push it needs. 

While there are plenty of plugins that you can use in combination to optimize your WordPress website, a cache plugin is an essential tool that every website owner must install. The WordPress CMS is dynamic, which means that it can slow down when loading tons of content at once, and this is where the cache plugins come in handy. This collection of the best free and premium WordPress cache plugins will enable you to quicken your website, primarily if a powerful hosting server already supports you.    

Best Premium WordPress Cache Plugins


Being one of the few paid WordPress cache plugins, it is natural to expect something out of the ordinary from WP-Rocket. This versatile plugin is a complete utility that comes with advanced features such as CDN integration and DNS pre-fetching. Still, even the basic set of tools that the WP-Rocket plugin provides should deliver a boost of at least 50%.  


Fresh Performance Cache

Promising a significant PageSpeed boost after its installation, the Fresh Performance Cache WordPress plugin is built to last. The plugin substantially minimizes, combines, compresses and caches the files on your website, which results in a powerful page loading speed boost. With dozens of advanced features included, Fresh Performance Cache is worth every penny spent on it. 


WordPress Booster-Caching Plugin 

Directed towards the non-technical WordPress users who sway from cache plugins due to their complexity, the WordPress Booster-Caching Plugin is all about simplicity. The plugin offers features such as Page Compression with gzip, cache management at page/post level and automated cache management to simplify all of the crucial website optimization processes. 


Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins

W3 Total Cache

Not only will you find the W3 Total Cache plugin at the top of every free WordPress cache plugin collection, but it has been mentioned on this website multiple times previously as well. Incorporated with loads of tweaks and settings, W3 Total Cache comes with a preset of options that enable any novice to get started with the optimization. In contrast, the advanced settings panel will ensure that you can take the optimization process to the next step.


WP Super Cache

If you are starting with your WordPress website and cannot afford the premium hosting servers, a plugin such as WP Super Cache will help you counter the slow speeds. Considered the ideal plugin for newbies due to its easy configuration, WP Super Cache comes with plenty of firepowers to help you optimize the page loading speed of your website.  


Quick Cache

Promising the best performance without any compromise in quality, the Quick Cache free WordPress cache plugin currently powers more than 100,000 websites. With a general settings panel to help you optimize your website right from the Dashboard, the plugin offers the feature to capture real-time screenshots which guide you in building a cache of every page, post and category. 


Hyper Cache

Quite a popular WordPress plugin as the 60,000 download marker suggests the Hyper Cache WordPress plugin keeps things simple with no complicated settings to work with. The plugin has been built to manage cache on the fly and is also HTTPS friendly, which is essential as most of the mew websites are moving to HTTPS, to keep up with Google’s latest search algorithm.  


Cache Enabler

Although a relatively new addition to the best free WordPress cache plugins, Cache Enabler is a lightweight plugin that looks promising. The plugin comes with integrated WebP support and will ensure that the website loads static HTML files for faster page loading. The plugin not only caches custom post types but can also be set to manual and automated cache clearing. 



ZenCache free WordPress cache plugin helps you increase the user experience by significantly decreasing the time your visitors waste during the page loading. Although the plugin comes with advanced settings, you can enable it and let the plugin configure the settings automatically, along with caching RSS, 404 pages, Atom feed and RDF.  


WP Fastest Cache

Popularly regarded as one of the best free WordPress cache plugins, WP Fastest Cache boasts one of the best ratings online. The plugin is based on the Mod_Rewrite method for caching, deletes all of the cached files once the post has been published on the website, enables you to remove minimized JS and CSS files and adds the cache option for mobile users. 



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