As important as it is to make sure that your content is visually entertaining to the readers, it must be equally understandable to the search engines as well. Writing good content will only get you as far as keeping your present audience engaged, but for you to reach out to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, you need one of the best free WordPress Sitemap plugins. 

These Sitemap plugins for WordPress help you create an entire framework of your website, including images, links, videos, which all exist in XML/HTML language. Since search engines are designed to recognize HTML and XML files and not written content, these best free WordPress Sitemap plugins are the best way for your website to gain instant recognition among the search engines. 

Google XML WordPress Sitemap Plugins

Downloaded more than a million times on WordPress, the Google XMP Sitemap plugin is among the most powerful tools to have your posts indexed in all the popular search engines. Whether the posts and general or custom post types, the plugin help the search engine crawlers to identify your content through the Sitemap and immediately have them indexed.  


WordPress SEO by Yoast 

If you need the Sitemap functionality for your website and wish to indulge in other search engine optimization options as well, WordPress SEO by Yoast is your best bet. Regarded as the best free SEO WordPress plugin, Yoast comes with a useful module for creating XML Sitemaps from the plugin itself. The module is simple and effective, helping you include (and even exclude) posts from the Sitemap.


Sitemap Generator

If you do not have the time or the resources to invest in full-blown search engine optimization of your website, a Sitemap is the most basic and effective SEO technique that you must consider. With the help of the Sitemap Generator free WordPress plugin, you can help the popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and others help locate your content and index it so that it becomes visible to the users as soon as possible.  


Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

While the other WordPress Sitemap plugins mainly provide the same features as the Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps, it comes with some extra features for the SEO experts. The plugin is relatively light on the website and fluidic and comes with added functionality such as WordPress multisite support, sitemap index and Google News sitemap support as well.  


YouTube Video Sitemap Generator

If your website uses a significant amount of content from YouTube or is entirely a YouTube clone, you can still make the best of Sitemaps with the YouTube Video Sitemap Generator. Not only does the plugin support videos, but images as well, and while this is just the freemium version, it allows you to add up to 500 URLs for free. 


Google Sitemap Plugins

Yet another fantastic free WordPress plugin offered by BestWebSoft, the Google Sitemap plugin has been around for five years and continues to be among the best SEO tools. The plugin enables you to assemble your website’s content in the form of a Sitemap and add it to the Google Search Console, although it can be used for other search engines as well. 


Udinra All Image Sitemap

If your website primarily depends upon images and visual content to gain traffic, you need the Udinra All Image Sitemap to help index all of your website’s images in the popular search engines. Not only does the plugin create an XML sitemap and automatically notifies Google, Bing and about it, but also regularly updates the Sitemap with the new content that you have posted on the website.  


PS Auto Sitemap

With more than 200,000 active installs, the PS Auto Sitemap free WordPress plugin is the perfect Sitemap generator for beginners. This useful plugin takes control and automatically generates the Sitemap for your website while giving you plenty of options to select the depth of the Sitemap, show and hide aspects of the website from the Sitemap and also comes with plenty of cool skins to make the sitemap tree look trendy.   


WP Sitemap Page

The WP Sitemap Page WordPress plugin not only helps you boost your position in the SERP but also makes navigation experience better for advanced users. The plugin enables you to create an XML sitemap which can be indexed by the web crawlers of all the popular search engines, while the users can insert the shortcode “wp_sitemap_page” to generate a sitemap from any page on the website.  


HTML Page Sitemap 

While most of the free WordPress Sitemap plugins enable you to create a sitemap in XML, this is among the plugins that help you index your content in the form of HTML. The HTML Page Sitemap plugin provides ease of navigation for the visitors to reach any content directly from the Sitemap and also helps you prioritize the content so that the web crawlers recognize the appropriate content before the rest. 



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