The Nintendo Switch is the latest handheld gaming console from Nintendo. Here are the best Nintendo Switch tips and tricks you need to know.

Ever since the gaming industry has existed, the name “Nintendo” has been a fundamental part of the entire movement from the get-go. From the wild popularity of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in the 80’s to the high-flying action brought about by the revolutionary Nintendo Wii, the Japanese video game company is exceptional for the hearts of nostalgic gamers. 

It has created an entire category of portable gaming systems with the Game Boy series of handheld consoles. The company has come back with the Nintendo Switch. It is offering the redesigned version of the age-old classics, such as The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. Nintendo Switch is more than what the Game Boy ever was since it is a real hybrid console that has handheld capabilities along with the ability to turn into a full-fledged console. 

Best Nintendo Switch Tips and Tricks

Like most gadgets these days, the Nintendo Switch is an excellent piece of technology that comes with lots more features than what meets the eye. From the essential ability to turn your handheld gaming device into a console for the big screen to expanding the storage capacity and using it as a media device, there’s a lot you can do with the Nintendo Switch. We’ve boiled down all of the latest and greatest features of this hybrid console, bringing you the cool Nintendo Switch tips and tricks to try out. 

Never Lose a Joy-Con 

Use a wrist strap to prevent your joy-con to fling away from your hand during an intense motion game.
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The unique and tactile buttons on both the sides of the Nintendo Switch are necessarily two removable gamepad controllers called Joy-Cons. However, the detachable aspect of the Joy-Cons makes them susceptible to being lost easily, but Nintendo has thought of this problem and offered a solution to it. Go to the Controllers button on the home screen of the Nintendo Switch, tap on Find Controllers and use the menu to make either of your paired Joy-Con or wireless controller vibrate and move around the house feel and find the vibrating gamepad around. 

Using Voice Chat

Use the voice chat feature in games which allow you to chat with other online players using a Bluetooth or wired headset.
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Although there are only a handful of games like Fortnite Battle Royale that offer in-console chat feature on the Nintendo Switch, there is a way around it. To voice chat or text with the people you’ve added as your Friends on your gaming console, you’ll need the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. The convenience of the ability to chat in-game, you can grab a Bluetooth headset that can be connected to two devices simultaneously and enjoy a phenomenal social gaming experience. 

Accessing Region-Restricted Games

Change your region settings to get access to more content and games.
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Back in the day of the NES and Game Boy, certain games were limited to the Japanese region, and you needed a Japan-specific console to play them. However, with the Nintendo Switch, you can change the regional settings by heading over to Settings – System – Region and bypass all restrictions. While most games these days are released globally, some markets tend to receive it earlier, so this is a great way to cut the queue and get your hands on the game right away. 

Hiding Play Activity 

If you do not want to be perceived as a loner, hide your play time from other online players
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Nintendo Switch hides gameplay activities. It masks your online status, giving you some much-needed gaming privacy. Just head over to Settings – Friends Settings, and there you can choose not only to select which users can see your online status but also your play activity

Replace the Remote

Use the “Match TV Power State” feature when the Switch is docked and connected to a TV. Press a single button on the joy-con remote to simultaneously turn on both the TV and the Switch.

Thanks to the power of IR that is alive and well with the Nintendo Switch, it doubles up as a remote control for your TV. Whether you want to turn on your TV set or switch the input channel to view the Nintendo Switch display, you can do it from the console itself by merely pressing the Home button on your Joy-Con. Make sure that the feature is on in the Settings – TV Settings – Match TV Power Slate and you won’t have to reach out for the TV remote every time you want to play on the big screen. 

Securing Game Data

Transfer your game save data to other external storage devices or other Switch console.
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Whether you’re moving over to a brand new Nintendo Switch or want to make sure that your progress in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is safe and secure, there’s a way to do it. To move your User and Save Data to another Switch device is open the Settings – Users – Transfer and then select the target device you wish to move or proceed. Make sure that both the Nintendo Switch devices connect to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Checking the Battery Percentage

Checking the Battery Percentage
Check the battery percentage for a long lasting gaming session.

Despite the rather large battery capacity, the Nintendo Switch does not last any more than 6 hours on a full charge under normal circumstances. You need to monitor the battery level now and then to make sure that the console does not die on your mid-game, causing you to lose saved progress data. You can view the battery percentage on any screen by holding down the Home button, or head over to Settings – System – Console Battery and have the correct battery level display in the upper right corner of the screen when you press down ZL + ZR together. 

Factory Reset the Switch 

Factory Reset the Switch
Hit the factory reset button if you are facing any software issues.

While the hybrid gaming console designed to be quite stable in the way it operates, the Nintendo Switch is, after all, a piece of technology, which makes it susceptible to hanging or freezing now and then. You can start by rebooting the device by pressing down the Power button for 10-15 seconds until it reboots. However, if the problem continues to persist, head to the Maintenance Mode by pressing down the Volume buttons while the device reboots and factory reset the console. 

Add Extra Storage

Add Extra Storage
Use a Micro SD card to expand the storage on your Nintendo Switch.

While 32GB of internal storage may have been wholesome in the old days, with a console-like Nintendo Switch that can do so much more than just play games, it simply isn’t enough. Fortunately, the handheld console comes with an expandable MicroSD storage slot right behind the kickstand. With the standard SDXC storage that supports a capacity of up to 2TB, you will have plenty of space for your games and multimedia content as well. 

Pro Controller for Serious Gaming

Get a Nintendo Pro controller even when you do not want to use the puny joy-cons.
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While Xbox and PlayStation have competed to be the “real” gaming consoles, Nintendo had taken the backseat with the Wii. However, the Nintendo Switch is pushing the limits of handheld/console gaming, and the Pro Controller is just the accessory that will give traditional consoles a run for their money. Not only is it more tactile compared to the Joy-Cons, but the ability to enjoy a laidback gaming experience on the big screen is what makes the Pro Controller worth the extra bucks. 

Wrapping it up 

As the gaming industry progresses further into becoming a billion-dollar phenomenon, legacy brands such as Nintendo will keep pushing harder. With the Nintendo Switch, the company has opened up the handheld gaming genre once again, allowing users to enjoy a surreal gaming experience not just on the big screen, but on the go as well. Which of these excellent Nintendo Switch tips and tricks are your absolute favourites? If you’ve got a particular feature of the hybrid gaming console to mention, be sure to drop it in the comments section right down below. 

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