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How to Hide WhatsApp Blue Check Marks On iPhone Or Android

These neat tricks will hide WhatsApp blue check marks that your friends receive when you read their messages, giving you the ability to use WhatsApp

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Switch Internet WiFi Hotspot On Your Phone

Switch internet WiFi hotspot on your phone. Whether it is an Android or iOS device, this guide will help you with turning your phone into

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Update Emoji On iOS 9.1 On The iPhone 6

Update Emoji on iOS 9.1 on your iPhone 6: Here is a simple guide and method you can use on how to update Emoji on

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Save iPhone Notes To Mac/Windows – 2 Simple Ways

Here’s a quick guide on how to save notes from iPhone to Mac/Windows without too much hassle. Apple took a simple Notes feature and added

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How to Update Movie Box – Free movies and TV for iOS

Are you looking for the best method on how to update Movie Box on your iPhone or iPad? While some of you may know the app by

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Guided Access – Limit Access to Apps on iPhone/iPad

Your mobile phone and tablet are more than just a piece of tech – it’s a personal item that carries your private information and a


The Surveillance State: The CIA can Wiretap YOU.

Ever since whistle-blower Edward Snowden leaked dirty secrets of the NSA, the United States of America has been called by The Surveillance State. Several experts