For as long as the concept of reading and writing has existed, there has been the potential to make a good living off of it. With the dawn of the internet age, everyone is connected to a more extensive network, which brings us a whole lot closer, allowing us to communicate and express ourselves in ways that were unimaginable in the past. 

Writing on the internet or blogging is one such practice that has quadrupled in the past decade. You can find a blog on how to sell your house to blogging websites that help you buy a toaster for the best value, and the blogosphere continues to grow. Regardless of what your interest is in writing about, there is always a proper scope for blogging in English to make money. 

Content is (still, and will always be) the King

Before you begin searching through the corners of the internet for the right affiliate sources and ad-marketing techniques, focus on why you are doing all of it in the first place. More than the expensive web design and the shiny bells and whistles, you need to hit home with the content that you choose to publish on your blog. 

While the different genres of blogging cover up the internet like a blanket, the best ones have something special to them. Your web blog should be more than just a means to an end, but a walkthrough to solve problems, teach something to the users, or be an entertaining platform. You could be writing sites that pay daily too!

Unless you have the content that scores points on these markers, it’s time to head back to the drawing board. A blog is only as successful as the number of visits it has and the number of times visitors spend there, so make sure your content is worth their time. 

Choose the right income streams for Blogging in English.

If you are a blogging novice who thinks that rich content and enough visitors will get you the money, you’ll be disappointed to know that it isn’t that simple. Since you are probably competing with dozens of others for blogging in English to make money online, you need multiple revenue streams, even if they are minuscule. 

  • Get paid to post Ads- AdSense or Direct Advertisements is the easiest and probably the most milked way to make money for bloggers. Although Google AdSense is an excellent choice for long-term growth, replacing them with direct ad services such as BuySellAds can get you more dough. 
  • Affiliate Advertisements is the way to go if you cannot do enough blogging in English to make money with one-click ads. If you blog about technology or products that are available online for purchase, services like Amazon Associates and eBay Partner Network will get you much better profits even with a blog that does not get swarmed by visitors regularly. 
  • Paid Reviews have become a popular form of remuneration in the online world, and brands pay good money to see their product reviewed on relevant blogs. While the start can be slow and take a while to find the right clients, a single review can earn you more than a month’s AdSense revenue on the smallest of blogs. 
  • Selling an eBook with the help of the reach of your blog and your loyal readers can be more rewarding than you can comprehend. For instance, if your blog is about finance and marketing, you can create a decent eBook with your content as the source, while giving the buyer a comprehensive guide to your content. 

Blogging in English to make money online is a skill that many possess, but not even a fraction of those turn their blogs into goldmines. While there is a whole lot more to running a thriving and well-paying blog online, you can get off the ground and stay afloat with this quick guide to earning with blogging, and quickly learn how to monetize a website.


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