Best Android app development

Android app development

Are you getting to tap into the infinite potential that the planet of Android app development has got to offer? Here’s a guide to why Android app development is that the best thanks to starting and a few of the simplest Android apps for developers that each enthusiast needs.

Programming and coding were once considered a web-oriented profession, which only a handful of nerds picked up right at the start. However, as we have advanced into the modern age of mobile devices and new operating systems have risen, a wave of app developers sweep over the world and populate the app stores with their offerings.

With the arrival of learning new development techniques easier to succeed in than ever, the planet of android app development is hospitable to anyone and everybody who has the apetite for it. But with the battle of Android vs. iOS fiercer than ever, any prospective app developer has got to decide where they need to start. Regardless of where your allegiance lies, there’s more than just one reason why you should start with Android app development.

Massive market share

While the very fact compels you that most major app developers release their product for iOS devices first, there is a reason indie developers stick with Android. Holding a market share of 86.8% in 2016, Android is the most widely used mobile operating system. Since your app’s success directly depends on the number of users it can garner, being a part of the Google Play Store gives you a much better chance of creating it to the top.

Easy to get Apps published.

While developing for iOS devices dictates that you work on a Mac, Android gives you the freedom to figure on the pc OS you would like. Moreover, publishing your apps on the App Store requires you to register and ante up a yearly recurring fee of $99. While Google Play Store also requires a payment to begin publishing, the cost is just a one-time payment of $25.

Java makes things easier.

One of the most accomplished programming languages used by numerous operating systems is what power Android app development. While Java allows you to develop Android apps on Windows and Linux, the scene is entirely different when considering Apple’s Objective C and Swift programming languages. While Swift is open source, the fact that Java is so widespread makes it an obvious choice for most.

Higher profitability

During the inception of the App Store and the Google Play Store, the latter was the well-liked selling space for many developers since iPhone users are statistically more affluent. However, these numbers have shifted dramatically over the years, and today initial app purchases and in-app purchases and skyrocketed revenues for apps and games. Moreover, since the advertisement costs are lower on Android devices, your app will probably possess more advertisers. The more extensive Android user base will help generate tons of revenue.

Easier portability

An iOS app essentially needs to be rebuilt from the ground up if you wish to bring it to Android or any other mobile OS. However, the Java programming language that Android is predicated on makes it flexible enough to be reconstructed for other operating systems. Not only can Android apps actively ported to work with Chrome OS, but Microsoft is also trying to make it easier for Android app developers to create Windows-based versions of their apps quickly.

Android app development more straightforward with Android Studio 

Android app development

Java makes things eApp Development more straightforward with Android Studio.

One of the most comprehensive IDE (integrated development environments) ever created for building mobile applications, Android Studio, has changed the show. Designed to be fast and highly efficient in fixing new Android development projects and managing them at every stage, Android Studio comes with Google Cloud integration. Also, it supports Development for Android Wear, Android Auto, and Android TV.

Best Android apps for developers

As accommodating as Android app development has become, we just haven’t yet reached the purpose where you’ll continue coding off your computer. With that been said, there are some crucial circumstances where even only a handful of tools to either edit a line of code or fix something on your WordPress website could save your soul.

Surprisingly enough, some super-geeks have gone as far as to create a decent number of Android apps for developers and programmers so whether you’re an enthusiast who wants how to find out Android development on the go or an expert professional looking to edit some ASCII text file while on your way home, here are a number of the simplest Android apps you would like to undertake out.

Programming Hub, Learn to code.

Android app development

As the tech industry leaps forward every day, learning new programming languages is becoming essential for aspiring programmers and qualified professionals. Programming Hub is the way to go for those looking for a learning solution that can be optimized and helps you learn all the top-tier programming languages with examples and courses.

Download Programming Hub, Learn to code.

Java ,C++, , HTML, JavaScript, Python, Swift, and many others, Programming Hub features detailed examples that you can practice yourself. Moreover, the app comes with online and offline compiling to practice on your Android device and specific courses created by experts to understand the programming languages’ concepts.

AIDE – IDE for Android Java C++

Not to be bragged but, AIDE is an entire integrated development environment created into an app available on the Google Play Store. It can help you develop apps right from your Android device! Ideal for beginners to urge some hands-on experience, AIDE offers step-by-step instructional guides to help you implement your knowledge and make app projects right on your phone.

Download AIDE – IDE for Android Java C++

Despite being a barebone IDE, the app is full of the power to visually design apps, use the feature-packed editor and compiler, real-time error checking, and provides you the ability to navigate through pages of code quickly. By creating DIY app projects right from your Android device, you’ll also run them and use the built-in Java debugger to repair recurring bugs.

DroidEdit Pro (code editor)

Once you start with Android app development or programming generally, you’ll realize just what proportion of time goes into coding. You’ll probably end up spending even more time checking your code for bugs and editing it, but why spend all those times glued to your chair? DroidEdit Pro is the ultimate Android app packed with all you could ask of a portable code editor.

Download DroidEdit Pro (code editor)

DroidEdit is built with Syntax Highlighting compatible with all the best programming languages, essential editing features like replace & search,auto & block indentation undo & redo, and many others. The pro version of the app also gets you additional goodies like Dropbox, Drive, and Box support to import and export edited files and, therefore, the ability to run commands directly from your Android via SSH.

Hacker’s Keyboard

Hacker's Keyboard

Android has all of it, from its very own IDE, to create and test out apps to dozens of code editors. However, there’s one area where you would possibly start to miss your computer for coding, which is that the Keyboard, which Hacker’s Keyboard is decided to vary. Designed to help you enjoy that very same keyboard layout you’re wont to on the large screen; this replacement keyboard app keeps things uncomplicated without holding back on features.

Download Hacker’s Keyboard

Hacker’s Keyboard brings in ideal for coding from your Android device with SSH access, specific keys like Tab, Ctrl, Esc, and arrow keys missing on the stock Android keyboard. With dozens of supported layouts and languages which will be customized to assist you with the task at hand, this app may be a reliable band-aid when you’re AFK.

Algoid – The programming language

Programming has already become a modern-day education neighborhood, with programs like KTurtle supported Linux teaching young minds the way to code. If you have a young mind around the house, which is coding-inclined, Algoid is the perfect Android app to get them started with basic programming. Essentially a just like KTurtle, Algoid, offers step-by-step learning and visual feedback to assist children and young aspiring programmers learn the fun way.

YouTube –

Download Algoid – A program

The app is packed with features like the Syntax highlighting, debugger to spot errors, real-time scope explorer, and an optimized user interface that works perfectly even on a small-sized device. Based on its very own Algoid Language that’s amid several tutorials and a whole community to share your creations and concepts, Algoid may be an excellent way to familiarize yourself with coding.

Udacity – Lifelong Learning

Whether you’re a pro of programming and app development or just getting started, mastering only one programming is not enough in this modern digital age. To keep up the pace and acquire the in-demand skills of today, Udacity has created a learning platform that isn’t restrictive of whether you study in a classroom or from the couch of your home.

Download Udacity – Lifelong Learning

While there are plenty of online educational courses offered, Udacity is different because it is unilaterally created only for programming skills. You can enroll in any of the thousands of available courses, have some tech industry experts guide you through, and even download lessons for offline reading when you are stranded without internet.

Dcoder, Mobile Compiler IDE

If you’re serious about Android app development and put your creation on the Google Play Store, Android Studio is a bare essential. However, together with your handy Android device with enough firepower to run as a standalone IDE with the Dcoder app’s assistance. You are designed to help you set your coding skills to the test, get through from the pc, learn code compilation and algorithm solving on the fly.

Download Dcoder, Mobile Compiler IDE

There’s no programming language storage that you can brush up with the Dcoder app, with a complete of 13 different languages to be precise. Self-declared because the fastest code compiler available on Android devices, Dcoder is additionally built-in with Rich Text Editor, supporting Syntax highlighting and many other tools essential to assist you in getting ahead in the game.


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