Are you satisfied with your interface? Want to change Launcher Android has Installed? Even though Samsung, HTC, Sony, and other brands all merge to form the Android phone market, they have their distinctive style. A large part of this unique identity is due to the different user interfaces that these Android devices have. Since its Android we’re talking about, all you need is the best Android launcher app to get started on customizing this User interface. 

From Android’s very own Google Now launcher to some big names like the Microsoft Launcher for Android, the Google Play Store is filled with them. However, there are a few that stand out of the crowd with millions of users and some excellent features to help you customize every inch of your device’s user interface. 

If you’re looking to shake up the design and user interface of your phone, and change launcher android has installed, here’s a list of the top 7 best Android launchers that you should try out right now. 

Change launcher Android has installed to these7 Best Android Launchers

1. Nova Launcher

An Android launcher app that has been around for almost as long as the Google Play Store, Nova Launcher is the beginning and end of mobile customization. Not only does this app have the highest number of compatible icon packs, but the launcher itself comes with more customization features than any other in its category. 

Starting with color controls, you get the ability to change the color for every element of the UI, along with decent design add-ons like infinite scrolling, app drawer customization, and an entire set of community-built layouts that you can import to your device. 

Download Nova Launcher

2. Action Launcher 

Bringing the best of stock Android UI from devices like Google Pixel to any Android device is what the Action Launcher does best. Packed with customization features for every inch of the Android screen, Action Launcher comes with a fully customizable dock search bar, along with the wildly popular “At a Glance” widget for quick updates. 

From freshening up the user interface with new stock app icons or enjoying the built-in Google Now support, the Quicktheme feature of this Android launcher automatically matches the colors of your wallpaper to your home screen. 

Download Action Launcher

3. Microsoft Launcher 

Microsoft is probably the last app developer you’d expect to create an app launcher for Android, but surprisingly they have more than just one. Microsoft Launcher, in particular, has been designed with the minimalist philosophy in mind, supported by a well-organized page for cards and widgets. 

Capitalizing on the massive number of Windows users who wish to bridge the gap between their phone and computer, Microsoft Launcher comes with the ability to sync with Windows 10 devices for notifications and file sharing, essentially bringing the best of Windows Phone to Android. 

Download Microsoft Launcher

4. Evie Launcher

If you’re looking for an Android launcher that puts the performance on focus without compromising on the minimalistic design, Evie Launcher is the one for you. Built with some genius features like a built-in universal search menu, custom shortcuts to making navigation more comfortable, and an ocean of customization features, it doesn’t skimp out one bit. 

You get to choose the search engine of your choice for the home screen, the best of Android 8.0 At a Glance notification style, and plenty of lock screen shortcuts. Ideal for older phones that tend to look dated, Evie allows you to create your layout from scratch, or you can save time and import one out of the thousands of available options. 

Download Evie Launcher

5. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

What made the Yahoo Aviate Launcher a mega-hit right when it came out is the concentrated approach to making navigation more straightforward. Starting by automatically organizing your installed apps, the Smart Stream feature offers useful cards based on your phone battery status, upcoming calendar events, nearby attractions, and more. 

Packed with its own set of hundreds of wallpapers, Yahoo Aviate gets you to your prime contacts right away with the Favorite People shortcut. While staying power-efficient, the app comes with its very own search bar to head over to the web, look up apps and contacts, or jump to relevant cards. 

Download Yahoo Aviate Launcher

6. ADW Launcher 2

Another Android launcher that has been around for years, ADW Launcher 2, comes with an even more stock Android-like UI compared to its predecessor. Customizing the device right to its core, ADW Launcher 2 comes with icon effects and dynamic coloring, along with a sea of screen and widget management options. 

This app gives you the ability to help you create your very own widgets from the apps on your device and apply external as well as an internal theme on your Android. However, it is the attention to the smallest of details of the UI that make ADW Launcher 2 a haven for customization fans. 

Download ADW Launcher 2

7. Atom Launcher

For those who are more excited about making their Android device stand out, no Android launcher does it better than Atom. Packed with its theme maker, you get the ability to create your search bar and customize its elements, along with gesture support across all supported devices. 

Navigation is made easy with the improved Dock Bar, while icon customization options will leave you with no desire to get an icon pack. With multilingual support and smart features for hiding apps and intelligent folders, Atom Launcher manages to pack all of this in a simplified and clean user interface. 

Download Atom Launcher

So are you bored with the original interface? Want to change launcher android has installed for you? These 7 new cool Launchers will your day even better!

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