Among Us Airship Update introduces a larger map with 18 locations, new tasks, ladders, and cosmetics for character customization.

The most downloaded mobile online multiplayer deduction video game in 2020, Among Us, finally launches one of the most anticipated map expansions to the game, the Airship Update, on 31st March. The new Airship map update is the most extensive map introduced and bakes in new tasks, skin bundles, ladders, rooms, and the ability to select where a player wishes to begin the hunt.

Among Us has risen to popularity as not just any video game on the block. It has even managed to become the most downloaded free-to-purchase game on the App Store and Play Store in 2020, leaving behind the likes of PUBG Mobile and ROBLOX, all thanks to famous Twitch Streamers and YouTubers as Ninja and Pewdiepie.

How To Get The Among Us Airship Update?

The Airship map has been teased by Innersloth, the game developers, since December of 2020, and Among Us, fans have been on the edge of their seats to play the new map since the game has exploded in popularity recent months. For getting the new Airship Update and map, players do not need to do much. Simply updating the app from the App Store, Play Store app, Steam (For PC) should get you started. The developers do note that the app will be supported for iOS 13 and Android 6 above. 

The Airship Map Update Brings In New Play Through Experience And Cosmetics

The Airship map features eighteen locations and multi-layer gameplay with the addition of ladders and hovering platforms, which players can use to their advantage to speed up completing tasks, route the way for an emergency, or going off-security camera when venting is not an option for imposters.  

Airship Update also introduces location selection after an emergency meeting to restart completing tasks.

For character customization, the new Airship update brings the new Airship Bundle with new hats and skins.

Airship Map Task List

For someone living under a rock, Among Us is a survival game. Where crew mates either complete tasks successfully and report off all the imposters, or imposters wipe off the entire deck for a successful win. Here are all the returning and new Among Us Airship map tasks.

  • Calibrate Distribution
  • Reset Breakers (New)
  • Fix Wiring
  • Empty Garbage
  • Divert Power
  • Enter ID
  • Download
  • Put Away Pistols (New)
  • Put Away Rifles (New)
  • Sort Records (New)
  • Upload
  • Rewind Tapes
  • Start Fans
  • Fuel Engine
  • Unlock Safe (New)
  • Polish Ruby (New)
  • Dress Mannequin (New)
  • Avert Crash Course (New)

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