Everyone might have heard about Metaverse that Facebook is talking about, and most of aware of the name change of Facebook to Meta. You might also be wondering what Meta is and how it affects the future. Well, the answer is Metaverse. Here is a quick summary featuring information about Metaverse and its vision.

Facebook and its name change to “Meta”

As Facebook goes by the theme of bringing people together with their social media apps and services, the change of naming to Meta doesn’t affect the prime motto. All the social media apps owned by Facebook still work on bringing the people together, and the name change won’t affect the apps or their naming in any manner.

The company has also added that they are working on multiple new technologies, which aids in bringing people together more efficiently and in an innovative way.

Metaverse and its vision: The future of connectivity!

The Metaverse is designed on the concept of Augmented and Virtual reality. With the help of AR and VR combined, the Metaverse connects people, which might be the future to connectivity.

The Metaverse aims to develop devices based on AR and VR to recreate interactive virtual environments and situations. Meta has stated that Metaverse is built with maximum privacy and safety. In addition, the users have an avatar and have the capability to construct personal private space. The users can also control people who can visit their virtual space.

With the Metaverse, the users get to bring real things from the physical world to their virtual world but should be in the digital form such as photos, videos, art, games, and many more.

The company plans on implementing Holograms and Augmented reality with Machine learning and Artificial intelligence to make it more interactive and real.

  • Horizon Home and Horizon World

Meta has an early vision for the home spaces in the Metaverse, which is called ‘Horizon Home.’ The Horizon home is the first thing to appear to the user while using the Quest headset. The company has developed a few home spaces for the users to use, and with time being, the users can design their home spaces with access to a wide range of customizations.

The Horizon home is currently accessed by the user only, and in the future, the company wants to release a social version with the party mode, where the users can throw parties virtually.

When it comes to the ‘Horizon World,’ it is an ample virtual space where the users can create large parties and develop large-scale games, and in the coming future, we can expect more exciting updates in the Horizon Home and Horizon World.


  • Working with Metaverse (Remote Work)

The essential part of Metaverse’s vision is to provide a remote work environment virtually. Due to the pandemic and several other factors, most companies have followed the remote work (a.k.a work from home) protocol, and here comes the role of Metaverse.

With Metaverse, the company wants to create an office environment. As colleagues have their avatar representing them virtually, it helps with better interaction and significantly improves the remote work experience.

As people don’t like to use the same account for work and personal life, the users can create and use a separate account for Meta. The users don’t have to link their Facebook account either and can use a new Meta ID.

Currently, the remote work environment using Metaverse is under the development phase. The company is in talks with several corporate chains to make the work environment feel more natural, interactive, and effective.

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  • Metaverse’s Presence Platform

Metaverse has a dedicated platform named “Presence Platform,” where it works on providing a realistic mixed reality experience to the users. The presence platform works on environmental understanding, content placement, voice interaction, hand interactions, and many more.

The company has built “Interaction SDK,” where hand interactions are developed, designed, and managed. This development kit mainly focuses on hand interactions and helps the users interact with Meta apps using their hands.

Metaverse’s Upcoming Projects:

  1. Project Cambrin: The ‘Project Cambrin’ is an enhanced and improved VR technology that works on capturing user’s eye movement. The avatar of the user will feature the same eye movement, and this technology works in real-time. As a result, it creates natural eye contact between the avatars and aids in improved user experience.

This project is also capable of capturing the user’s facial expressions, and the avatar will display the expressions virtually in real-time. The main aim of this project is to represent the real world with a sense of depth and perspective.

  1. Project Nazare: Project Nazare is very complex compared to Project Cambrin as the company wants to develop the world’s first fully augmented reality glasses.

Considering the form factor of usual glasses, it is hard to implement all the technology inside the frame. The company also claims it is a complex project, but they are very confident about developing the project.

Metaverse Pricing:

The company hasn’t revealed any prices yet, but the company wants to develop and design affordable and convenient devices for the users to use. Meta wants to charge the users a little more at the beginning, and when the company reaches its goal, the pricing of the plans will be revised and much more affordable.

Meta is also designing their devices with side loading capabilities for Meta developers and creators. The side-loading support helps cut the prices and easier accessibility of the developers and creators to work on the technology effectively.

Soon the Quest devices supporting Metaverse will be available in the markets, and we can expect more features and improved technologies from Meta. There are claims that Meta is using its full potential to develop the projects “Cambria and Nazare.” If Metaverse becomes successful, we can expect more AR and VR-based devices from Meta.

Considering the vision of Meta, it is very innovative and feels like the future of connectivity. Though there are mixed feelings about the Metaverse, we have to wait and see how people adapt to this new approach of connectivity.

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